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Shri Mahalaxmi Dharmashala (A 69 Years Tradition)

It is urge to perform Ashwin Mahaprasad in Ambabai Temple resulted in establishing Shri Mahalaxmi Bhakta Mandal Kolhapur in 1954. Few persons namly Late Mr. Wagh, Bawadekar, Ashtekar, Mevekari, Hospetkar, R. B. Powar, A. D. Mevekari meet one decided that on Ashwin Pournima ‘Mahaprasad’ must be served to bhaktas and those who want to perform Pooja, Path etc should have a residential accommodation for that purpose.

The first body of committee members was formed in year 1958 and the trust under the name Shri Mahalaxmi Bhakta Mandal Kolhapur was formed and registered with charity commission office, under Trust Act having Regi. No. E/197.

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