Shree Mahalaxmi Dharmashala provides numerous facilities in a very much affordable cost. Shee Mahalaxmi Dharmashala is keenly looking after providing all facilities which any lay man can afford. Today minimum cost of per day’s stay in Kolhapur starts at Rs. 100/- which we are providing in Rs. 22/- only. You can even visit the other destinations like Panhala, Jotiba, Narsobawadi, Ramling, Bahubali by putting your luggage in lockers by paying a nominal amount. The rooms are spacious, full of natural light & fresh air. Shree Mahalaxmi Dharmashala is located in the visinity of Mahalaxmi (Ambabai) temple.

We provide a hall of capacity of 250 persons for programs such as weddings, cradle ceremony, thread ceremony, family get togethers etc. It’s rent per day is Rs. 900/- with a deposit of Rs. 200/- only.

What we provide ?