About Us

It is urge to perform Ashwin Mahaprasad in Ambabai Temple resulted in establishing Shri Mahalaxmi Bhakta Mandal Kolhapur in 1954. Few persons namly Late Mr. Wagh, Bawadekar, Ashtekar, Mevekari, Hospetkar, R. B. Powar, A. D. Mevekari meet one decided that on Ashwin Pournima ‘Mahaprasad’ must be served to bhaktas and those who want to perform Pooja, Path etc should have a residential accommodation for that purpose.

The first body of committee members was formed in year 1958 and the trust under the name Shri Mahalaxmi Bhakta Mandal Kolhapur was formed and registered with charity commission office, under Trust Act having Regi. No. E/197.

Though the trust was formed it had to work hard for obtaining donations for Dharmashala Building with progress of goddesses Ambabai in 1968 they were able to purchase a land which was near temple and started to construct building for Dharmashala. The first phase was completed and it had 45 rooms and one functional hall. By luck they purchased adjacent property and could complete 2nd phase in 1984. It had 20 more rooms and one functional hall.

This is the cheapest accommodation in Kolhapur for pilgrims. Starting from Rs 2/- per person per day and providing the facilities of bedding, bathing and donates. It was a unique establishment for Bhaktas.

Gradually though the administrative body was changed the motto Janaseva, Ishwarseva was never changed. The incoming new administrator keeping up to in view and as the time changed requirement of bhaktas was considered and reforms and renovation of building and rooms were made providing new facilities they kept Dharmashala true to its name but a modern Dharmashala.

In the year 2008 there was an opportunity to purchase property worth 3000 Sq. feet. That was brought and a building constructed in the year 2012 adding 20 more rooms with modern facilities. Thus the Dharmashala has 80 rooms in total and 2 functional halls are now available to accommodate the stream of pilgrims Who have increased due to transport facilities now available and the desire and crush in nature of mankind to visit various holyplaces.

The Kolhapur is also a holy place and traditionally people visit this place in return journey from Tirupati Balaji Mandir.

Serving pilgrims visiting Kolhapur since 69 years. We are proud to have the biggest infrastructure near Mahalaxmi temple.
Celebrating Ganesh festival in a peaceful way.
Mahaprasad distribution during Navratri since 65 years.
Facility to stay for pilgrims in an affordable cost. We are the oldest organisation serving in Kolhapur.
Every year more than 1,00,000 pilgrims are served.
Dharmashala is k een to add modern facilities for pilgrims.
Well known for clean & neat infrastructure.